Partner Companies

An experienced and well-rehearsed team of investment managers, custodian bank and managing company is essential for successful investment concepts. This was the reason behind our decision to work with German and European market leaders with whom we already have years of personal history, in implementing our investment concept.


Managing company

The managing company is the legal entity managing and supervising the fund or segregated accounts. The managing company assures that the fund´s assets and the advisor of the fund comply with local Investment Act principles and prospectus guidelines.

Monega Kapitalanlagegesellschaft mbH is an independent asset management firm based in Cologne, Germany. It provides fund and investment solutions focusing on the asset classes bonds, equities, multi-asset and microfinance sectors for private and institutional investors. German insurance company DEVK holds a 45% in the company. Monega manages assets of just under EUR 7 billion.



According to the European Investment Act a managing company must not safekeep the fund´s assets itself. Instead a separate bank, the custodian bank, is priviliged to assure a bankruptcy-protected custody of the investor´s assets. A strict separation between the company´s assets (Advisor and managing company) and the investor´s assets is ensured. The custodian is also responsible for calculation regular NAV´s for the fund.  

Kreissparkasse Köln is Germany's third largest savings bank operating with assets of 24 EURbn and more than 4,000 employees. Since 1989 the bank acts as a custodian. Currently the bank cooperates with 11 different managing companies and offers its service to 30 different asset managers.


Performance measurement

That is why we cooperate with Frankfurt-based DPG Deutsche Performancemessungs-Gesellschaft für Wertpapierportfolios mbH, the leading independent provider of performance measurement for the German investment industry. DPG analyses total assets of 950 bn EUR (market share of >60%). Investors shall know which specific investment decisions drive our returns.



Should you wish to take advantage of our services within an advisory mandate for your institutional funds or portfolio management mandates, other managing companies and custodian banks are also available.


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